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JRT Enville Stages Rally – Marshals Signing on details added to JRT Enville webpage

Our Meeting Venue!

Our current meeting place is at Antrobus GolfClub every Tuesday night at 8pm.

Venue Address

 01925 730890

WDMC is one of the oldest clubs in the country. Our origins date back to 1928 when Warrington Motor Club was first recognised by the RAC. We understand that back in those days it was very much a combined car and motorcycle club.

More recent history shows that the club became Enville motor club in the late 50's or early 60's, named due to its hub on Enville Street in Warrington town centre. The club finally became known as Warrington & Distrct Motor Club (WDMC) in the early 70's, long may it prosper.

WDMC is a strong and evolving club. We are well represented at weekly club nights, a group of regulars enjoy nothing more than a few pints and to share tales of their automotive exploits, projects and dreams.  We have a core of members who are passionate about all forms of motorsport. In our ranks are many highly experienced marshalls, radio crew, time keepers and rally organisers. We have members competing in rallies around the UK and beyond, from road to single venue and multi-venue rallies. In recent years we have had members competing successfully in major UK and European championships.

WDMC is responsible for holding the JRT Enville Stages, a single venue sealed surface rally, which in recent years has made Trac Mon in Anglesey it's home. We are proud to be a club capable of organising such a successful event.

The club is also heavily involved in the running of the Legend Fires North West Stages, a multi-venue sealed surface event with its HQ in Blackpool. The Legend Fires North West Stages is a highly renowned event, with strong entries travelling from far and wide to take part in this unique and challenging rally.

WDMC organises regular navigation scatter events, lighthearted club nights and provides marshalling teams for stages on major rallies such as the Cambrian and Lombard Revival. We also put together displays for local events such as and Cholmondeley Pageant of Power.

Our Club Sponsor

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